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    What You Loved Reading in 2019: MedStudy’s Top 10 Blogs

    In honor of America Recycles Day, we’re revisiting what you loved reading in 2019. We learned that readers love any kind of time-saving tips—we're bringing you tons of new ones in 2020! You guys like seeing what new MedStudy products and features are out there, as well as study tips and other top-of-mind topics (like physician burnout). 

    We look back at blogs that you guys read a lot so that we can create a plan to write even more! So, if you enjoyed 'em, subscribe to our blog and we'll start emailing you new blogs 2x monthly. 

    And if you didn't get a chance to read some of these blogs, now's your shot! Without further ado, here are MedStudy’s top 10 blog posts from 2019 for you to re-enjoy. 

    1. 2019’s Most Important Dates 

    We get it—it’s challenging to juggle your busy work schedule, family, social life, house chores, hobbies, and everyday tasks. Add in the fact that it’s your exam year, and managing all those dates becomes one more thing on your list. Ugh.

    In our quest to continually give you time back in your life, we created our “Most Important Dates” annual blog series. You guys love getting all of the most important medical (re)certification exam dates in one place. 

    Want the 2021 Important Dates calendar? 

    That's right, we’re bringing it back! And we’re making it better than ever. This year, we’ll break down the most important dates, specifically for each specialty (internal medicine, pediatrics and med-peds). Sign up to get it.

    2. Physician Burnout: What It Feels Like, How It’s Affecting Patient Care, and How to Fight It

    This blog was… polarizing. While we understand that there are way too many factors affecting physician burnout to cover in a single blog, we do think physician burnout is a topic worth major discussion. It’s important, your life is important, your health is important. 

    As physician burnout continues to be a growing issue in the U.S., we’re turning our focus to helping individual physicians who are feeling burnt out. Read on for major causes of physician burnout, and ways to get out from underneath feelings of burnout. 

    3. New in myMedStudy: A Mobile App to Access All Your MedStudy Products

    No wonder you guys loved this one! We all love our mobile apps—they help us get things done! In 2019, the MedStudy team created a way for you to save your myMedStudy account to your phone’s home screen. This blog breaks down how to do it. 

    4. 5 Life Hacks for Physicians

    January 2019 feels like it was forever ago! You guys loved these hacks right around the time of New Year’s Resolutions. And it makes sense—every new year brings a wave of self-help tips, fad diets, and lifestyle trends. And when you work 12+ hour shifts, it’s impossible to make any lifestyle changes with an already jam-packed schedule. We’ve got your back! 

    5. Just Launched: 2020 IM Video Board Review is Here!

    Each year, we release a new Video Board Review for internal medicine physicians. This blog breaks down what’s in the Video Board Review, why it works so well for board review, plus some FAQs.

    medstudy video board review

    Shop our latest Internal Medicine Video Board Review >

    6. How to Claim Your CME in myMedStudy

    It’s easy to see why this is one of our top-viewed blogs of 2019: it’s a step-by-step guide for submitting your CME right through your MedStudy account. It also has some pro tips for submitting, straight from our CME manager! 

    7. The Most Important Thing To Do Before Your Next Exam

    We posted this before the fall exams, and we hope it made a difference! No spoiler alerts here… you’ll have to read the blog to find out the most important thing to be doing before your next exam!

    8. Everything You Need to Know About ABIM’s Knowledge Check-In

    For the first time since it launched its maintenance of certification (MOC) program in 1990, the ABIM has taken a critical look at the program and has made profound changes. The result is the Knowledge Check-In, a new online MOC Part 3 assessment. We break down the basic details in this 2018 blog that you still loved in 2019. 

    9. The Wait Is Over: MedStudy’s New 18th Edition for Internal Medicine Is Now Available

    Revised, refreshed, and ready for you! You loved reading about our brand new Internal Medicine study tools

    10. Everything You Need to Know About the Day of Your ABIM Exam

    Whether it’s your first time taking the exam or it’s been 10 years since you last certified, you may have felt some anxiety about what to expect the day of the exam. We hope these tips left you feeling confident and prepared! 

    That’s a wrap on our most popular blogs of 2019! We post blogs regularly, subscribe to get them straight to your email inbox



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