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    Every ABIM Exam Date for Internal Medicine Boards in 2021

    MOC Exams | Certification Exams | ITE Exams 

    There’s A LOT to do to prepare to take a board exam. Your first step: understand when your exam is, and when you need to register. You’ll see that the ABIM has made some changes to 2021 exams for both certification and recertification. 

    get every upcoming date for internal medicine

    2021 ABIM MOC Exam Dates for Internal Medicine 

    2021 Spring ABIM MOC Exam
    April 5, 6, or 7
    Register by February 28 

    2021 Fall ABIM MOC Exam
    October 18, 20, or 28
    Register by August 15 

    Preparing for your Internal Medicine board exam lets you assess your knowledge in every topic area—and you’ll build stronger recall of that knowledge as you refresh it. Just taking the ABIM MOC exam earns you 20 MOC points. 

    To prepare for your upcoming MOC exam, download StudyWise—it’s our free guide on learning theory that outlines the best way to prepare for exams. Many docs taking MOC exams also like to come to our March Online Review Course. Whether you’re taking the Spring or Fall ABIM MOC exam, you’ll spend 5 days refreshing your knowledge alongside other docs in early Spring, and then keep all the lecture footage to watch over and over through the Spring of 2022. You’ll also get a self-assessment “practice quiz” to help you prepare for your MOC exam. 

    Reminder: The Knowledge Check-In MOC Exam for Internal Medicine is going away after 2020. A new Longitudinal Exam option is coming your way in 2022! 

    2021 ABIM Certification Exam Dates

    2021 ABIM Certification Exam
    August 16, 17, 20, 23, 24, or 30 
    Register by April 15
    Register late by April 28

    The Internal Medicine cert exam covers what a competent IM physician should know—and that is exactly what we teach. No fluff, just the right stuff! Start understanding what you need to study by looking at the ABIM board blueprint, which gives an outline for the exam. Once you know that, and you have your exam date, you can start studying! 

    We recommend that you take one of three paths when it comes to studying—it's dependent on which format you want to study with. 

    Study Strong Essentials medstudy internal medicine study strong essentials

    Combine our 3 most-essential IM learning tools into 1 convenient package.

    Shop Now >

    MedStudy Review Course

    medstudy internal medicine board review courseNeed accountability? Join us online for support while you prep.

    Shop Now >

    Video Board Reviewinternal medicine video board review
    If you like to study on your own time, or you want to study without WiFi access.  

    Shop Now >

    No matter which option you choose, you will want to start studying at least 7 months out from the exam, and make sure you plan to start going through a qbank at least 3 months before your exam. Our qbank is included in the Study Strong Essentials package. 

    If you’re looking for help with how to study, download our free StudyWise guide to uncover the latest in science-backed ways to prepare for your ABIM exam, tips to de-stress during your exam prep, and more info on exactly what you need to study.

    Remember that your ABIM exam results will be released within three months of the exam date. Check your ABIM physician portal! We’ve written plenty of blogs on preparing for your ABIM exam, exam day advice, and what to expect the day of your ABIM exam to help you Study Strong and be confident heading into this stressful time. Remember… You’ve got this! 

    2021 ABIM ITE Exams 

    The 2021 ABIM ITE Exams
    August 19–September 8 

    You shouldn’t study specifically for the IM-ITE, because it’s really meant to gauge your progress through residency training. However, many residents do review learning tools throughout their residency, and we know that many, many people are aware that ITE exams are coming, and adjust their studies accordingly. 

    The IM-ITE consists of 300 questions, and is modeled after the blueprint for the ABIM Certification exam. So, the learning tools you choose to use to prepare for your Certification exam should work well for your ITE exam prep.

    Once you know when the important dates for the ABIM exam are happening, you can look up your ABIM exam blueprint and start to build out your study plan!

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