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    Onsite vs. Online: Which Learning Environment Is Best for You?

    Are you considering a review course for board prep, recertification exams, CME/MOC earning, or just general practice updates?

    We’ve crafted a distraction-free experience at our Internal Medicine Review Course and Pediatrics Review Course—and this year we're finally able to offer both the online AND onsite experience. You’ll get in-depth presentations from experts on high-value topics and be able to interact with colleagues from across the U.S. to draw from each others’ clinical experience.

    Whether you take the course online or in-person, you'll get these supplemental materials: 

    • 100 board-style practice Q&As
    • A full-color printed syllabus 
    • Access to the lectures from the course for a full year
    • Supplemental videos: Statistics and Acid-Base Disorders
    • Downloadable StudyWise guide

    There are a few ways doctors study strong with our Review Courses:

    1. Come to the course in-person (we call it ‘onsite’)
    2. Live-stream the course remotely 
    3. Use raw footage from the lectures to study at your own pace for 12 months after the course
    4. A combination of the above

    So now to the big question: Should you attend onsite or online? Below, we break down the benefits of each so that you can choose whatever is right for you. 

    How to choose

    Waffling between coming to the course in-person or live streaming the lectures? We get it. A recent survey showed physicians prefer their continuing medical education online. Yet some believe that large-group onsite learning promotes a “network effect.” Both experiences can benefit you as a learner. (Though admittedly we're biased, and hope you choose to come see us in person. We've missed you!)

    So, which format is right for you? Read the below descriptions to help you figure it out. 

    Choose onsite if...                                       Choose online if...

    There are too many distractions at home. I can’t effectively study. It’s hard for me to schedule large blocks of time away from home right now.
    I like to meet speakers and ask follow-up questions after a lecture. I study best when there is no one around me.
    I get energy and inspiration from being around people with similar interests and goals. Sometimes my best study time is at odd hours, like early morning or the middle of the night.
    I’m inundated with responsibilities at work right now, and it’s hard to focus on studying. I need to get up and move around a lot while I’m studying, or I get fidgety or uncomfortable.
    Family members or roommates often interrupt me when I sit down to study. Travel is exhausting, cost-prohibitive, or otherwise problematic for me right now.

    If my office knows I’m in town, they will call me with questions.

    I like to study in a variety of places, such as coffee shops and the park.
    I do better when a schedule is set. I’m a self-starter.


    Get the best

    Now that you know which way to go, book that course! After all, we offer the best—for board prep, for CME/MOC earning, for recertifiers, and for general practice updates. Seriously, many of our attendees credit our online review courses with giving them the confidence they needed to pass their exams and provide great care for their patients. It can do the same for you!

    Here's a little hype to get you excited:

    MedStudy Review Course onsite interviews

    Remember: Whichever you choose, you’ll get the must-know information for your learning needs. Because no matter the format, MedStudy courses provide comprehensive coverage of internal medicine or pediatrics topics, the opportunity to identify and rectify knowledge gaps, and even a little bit of fun. 


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